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A dark night, a lonely girl traveling down a narrow alley in the back streets of London. London, an old town and a place full of memories, somewhere that you can find whatever you're looking for if you look hard enough. She seems to be looking for something or else for someone in  particular, and me, well I'm just enjoying watching that woman's form move down the alley from my perch on the second floor ledge of the roof. She is dressed in brown leather pants with matching boots that have a 4 inch heel and a tight black v-neck tank top showing off her full breasts and generous cleavage, the colors she chose to wear flaunting her caramel skin and making her look like burnished bronze, all of her attractive figure is covered by a billowing burgundy trench coat which brushes the backs of her calves. Perched there I look down at myself and grin noting that I can't say too much about her outfit as I myself am wearing a black pair of leather pants with a tight black t-shirt and a long black trench coat that brushes the back of my ankles. I look up to the moon as if questioning the old man in the moon of his opinion and deciding he's on my side tonight I jump off my ledge and land heavily in a crouch supporting myself on my toes with one hand down on the concrete to keep me balanced. I landed only 3 yards behind her and she whirled suddenly then grinned as she saw me still squatting down. "Not one for keeping the girls calm are you?" she asked seductively as she strode toward me. I stood slowly and ran my fingers through my medium brown hair that falls a good 4 inches past my shoulders, "why bother?" I jest lightly "they're gonna be terrified in a few minutes anyway." She keeps walking toward me and as she steps close I step forward as well and wrapping my arms around her I let my lips meet hers in a sudden hot surge of passion, a passion that nears the edge of unbridled lust. Her crimson lips on mine, the warmth of her mouth and the feeling of her against me, her breasts pressed into my body and her leg between mine lets me know that she wants more than just kisses before this night is out. Pulling back she puts a finger to my lips and winks at me, "not too fast soldier, after all you have a long night ahead of you" I reach my hands up and brush both of her cheeks lightly staring into her deep liquid eyes and then lean in and kiss her deeply. Pulling back slowly sucking on her lower lip I wink and blow her a kiss murmuring lightly "as do you dearheart." She shivers lightly as I breathe into her ear and then let a deep gutteral purr rumble through my throat. "MMMM... I like that." she sighs as she pushes me up against the alley wall then runs her index finger down the center of my chest from my neck to my waist and then spreads the material lightly and kisses me on the chest looking up at me to see if I like what she's doing. I just purr lightly and rest my head against the cool bricks shaking my head slightly and thinking with a smile on my face "mmmm this is going to be a very long and interesting night."
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Quentin Griffin
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United States
I love working in nature, it is very relaxing. I started just taking landscape and then got into the HDR realm when I got frustrated that I couldn't get the shadows and the highlights to show up through the lens of the camera the way that my eye saw them.

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